Welcome to ITS-EduNet!

ITS-EduNet is an International Network aiming to improve training and education in ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) at an European level.


Our Defintion of ITS:

ITS integrate telecommunications, electronics and information technologies - in short,  ‘telematics’ - with transport engineering in order to plan, design, operate, maintain and manage transport systems.

This integration aims to improve safety, security, quality and efficiency of the transport systems for passengers and freight, optimising the use of natural resources and respecting the environment.   

To achieve such aims, ITS require procedures, systems and devices to allow the collection, communication, analysis and distribution of information and data among moving subjects, the transport infrastructure and information technology applications."

Specification about related terms:

As far as ITS deal with information technologies and mobility of people, may also be defined as “Infomobility”; it may involve road transport or any other mode as well as their interactions.

ITS-EduNet, 2009

Mission Statement:

Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITS) influence and enhance all modes of transport in Europe.

ITS improve the safety of our roads, decrease journey times and encourage multimodal transport use, while at the same time alleviating the impact of transport on the environment and improving the quality of everyone’s life. ITS is therefore vitally important for managing our future transport systems effectively and sustainably.

However, ITS is a very new and fast growing area and the standard of knowledge varies across different European countries. There is certainly some lack of necessary knowledge and skills among graduates and transport professionals. This means that training and education in ITS has to be improved across Europe and the exchange of knowledge has to be encouraged. This is  the main mission of ITS-EduNet.


The next Short Course will be announced soon!